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At Springfeel foam we place a high value on providing quality foam products to our clients. We use only the best foam materials to manufacture durable foam products for our clients and hence you are guaranteed quality assured foam products.

At Springfeel since “Quality” is given prime importance and never compromised, we ensure that every batch of foam undergoes the required testing to determine and provide our customers the very best quality products, which meets the required standards.

We track and document every step in our quality control processes to maintain the highest quality control. At Springfeel we have quality assurance procedures and processes in place to ensure the quality of our foam products and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our In-House testing Laboratory is very well equipped with all the required testing requirements. These testing equipment’s are well maintained and calibrated at regular intervals to provide most accurate results.

Various physical properties like density, cell count, resilience, hardness, elongation, tear strength, tensile strength, Compression Airflow, Thickness, shear fatigue can be tested and determined in our laboratory with modern and accurate testing machines. Also, the Quality control team inspects the material before being dispatched for any non-conformities.