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The continuous foam produced is cut into smaller blocks using the ‘guillotine’ type end-block cutting machine from Fecken- Kirfel, Germany. This machine is CNC-controlled and cuts the foam automatically at pre-determined lengths.The fully automatic traveling cut-off machine cuts Polyurethane foam directly behind the foaming line. During the cutting process, the Travelling cutting unit is synchronized by incremental encoder with the foam block conveyor. Travelling cutting machine is used directly next of a continuous foaming line. Once the desired block length is reached, the cutting unit automatically lowers and the circulating bandknife cuts the foam block from top to bottom.


Precise Cuts Thanks To Teflon And Grinding Device

The Teflon-coated, pre-tensioned bondstrip ensures a consistently high cutting accuracy. The desired cutting height can be set using a limit switch. The bandknife grinding device’s two motorized grinding wheels continuously grind and sharpen the bandknife. This guarantees a flat and dust-free cutting surface.