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Maxfoam technology helps us reduce production costs and so we are able to offer better prices to our customers. Some of the ways in which our production costs are reduced are Heat and gas loss are reduced to a minimum since the chemical reaction takes place in a compact volume. Without the use of any additional substrates, it is possible to produce a block with rectangular cross-section and consequently the relative scrap loss from foam block are lower than from a conventional block. Maxfoam operates without a traversing mixing head, eliminating the need for expensive flexibles for the various components.
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To illustrate the principle of the conventional process compared with the Maxfoam Process two series of laboratory box tests were carried out using a similar formulation. Series A are tests carried out in a box with a downwards moving bottom to simulate the effect of the fa Ilplate. The foaming liquid is poured on to the piston ten seconds after mixing in the T.D.I. The foaming liquid will rise upward starting from the 70% level of the final block height. After forty seconds the foam reaches the final height and then the piston is pulled downward at a synchronized speed which compensates for the vertical rise. After 110 seconds the rise is finished. This is indicated by the arrival of the piston at the bottom of the box. On the production machine the full rise is achieved when the foam arrives at the end of the fall plate and meets the horizontal conveyor. Series B shows what happens when foam rises in the conventional way-the friction of the sidewa II will increase with the higher block height and the resultant cross-section is domed.