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About Springfeel

We are focused on our aim of making your life as comfortable as possible through our range of flexible polyether polyurethane foam products. Through the unmatched quality of our products made possible through the application of superior technology and by offering the highest level of personalized service, we constantly endeavor to ensure that our customers ‘feel’ that extra ‘Spring’ in their lives. Our list of clientele is as varied as are uses for flexible polyurethane foam- we cater to a multitude of industries such as mattress manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, leather goods manufacturers, garment manufacturers, coir product manufacturers, foot wear manufacturers and the packaging industry, among many others. We are situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Who We Are


To be the most preferred vendor of Flexible Polyurethane Foam.


Creating outstanding value for our customers.

Providing an exciting and safe work atmosphere for our employees, empowering them to set and achieve challenging targets.

Developing mutually beneficial supplier relationship.

Prevent pollution, conserve resources and minimize or eliminate waste by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Adhering to the principles of responsible corporate governance and social responsibility.

About Springfeel


Dilipkumar -Director

Sameer Malhotra

A 1993 graduate in Electrical Engineering and a first-generation entrepreneur Sameer Malhotra is the Technical Director at Springfeel polyurethane foams Pvt ltd. He is responsible for overseeing the development and manufacturing of polyurethane foam for both Technical/ Industrial and retail customers.  He is proficient in Strategic management of Planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of all operation functions. He has been highly Successful in setting up systems and procedures to achieve the Organizations objective and ensuring statutory and legal compliance. He has very strong leadership quality with motivational management style and is a result-oriented achiever with excellent track record for identifying opportunities for accelerated growth.

Sameer Malhotra -Director

IMS Policy

To offer flexible polyurethane foam of desired quality that meets customer requirements consistently on time, every time.

In order to achieve this we shall

Continually improve processes and systems.

Ensure safety, health and welfare of those who work for and on behalf of the organization.

Enhance competencies and involvement of all employees and encourage teamwork and positive problem solving process.

Prevent pollution, conserve resources and minimize or eliminate waste by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements.