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We are focused on our aim of making your life as comfortable as possible through our range of flexible polyether polyurethane foam products. Through the unmatched quality of our products made possible through the application of superior technology and by offering the highest level of personalized service, we constantly endeavor to ensure that our customers ‘feel’ that extra ‘Spring’ in their lives. Our list of clientele is as varied as are uses for flexible polyurethane foam- we cater to a multitude of industries such as mattress manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, leather goods manufacturers, garment manufacturers, coir product manufacturers, foot wear manufacturers and the packaging industry, among many others. We are situated in Pudupakkam, Chennai.


Constantly raising the bar to improve our quality standards, vigilant monitoring of our processes & systems with an aim for improvement always.


Latest technology machines used to manufacturing our high quality flexible polyurethane foam.

Price Advantage

Due to our large scale economies we pass on the price benefit and advantage to our customers.


Prevent pollution, conserve resources and minimize or eliminate waste by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Our Brands

At Springfeel we manufacture flexible polyether polyurethane foam. The densities of our products range from 9kgs/m3 to 65kgs/m3.

Feel the Difference with our Regular & Premium brands unbeatable quality at the right Price.

Our matrix brands is value for money Always reliable.

Finesse mattresses are the finest,most comfortable & meets International standards.

Technical Grade Foams

Automotive Foam.

Footwear Grade Foam

Lamination Grade Foam

Antistatic Foam

Hyper Soft Foam

Latex Feel Foam

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fresh works
  • Mattress & Bedding


    Mattress & Bedding

  • Furniture



  • Auotmotive



  • Footwear



  • Packaging



  • Accessories



  • Foam Sheets


    Foam Sheets

  • Rebonded Sheets


    Rebonded Sheets


Springfeel’s Edge



We firmly believe that technology is not a tool, but the key- to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Price advantage

Maxfoam technology helps us reduce production costs and so we are able to offer better prices to our customers.

Better Quality

The quality of our Maxfoam blocks is much better than blocks produced from indigenous machines as Maxfoam blocks show better density distribution and ILD values.

Wide range of Foam

We offer the benefit of wide range of Products to our customers based on their applications and requirements..


Automatic CAROUSEL machine

Blocks are cut to specified thicknesses using CNC-based high precision ‘Slitting and Stacking Carousel’ cutting machines, from Fecken- Kirfel, Germany.

Automatic Contour machine

Our highly sophisticated CNC-controlled fully automatic ‘Contour’ cutting machine enables the cutting of foam blocks into complicated shapes and sizes as per customers’ specific requirements.

Peeling machine

Foam is peeled into a continuous roll form with using Fecken-Kirfel peeling machines from Germany.

Profile machine

The ‘Profile’ cutting machine from Fecken-Kirfel, Germany, enables us to give our clients convoluted foam in hump profile.

Why Choose Us?
Our passion reflects in our vocation and our zeal to serve will exceed your expectation

Best Quality

Meets International standards with our superior cutting edge technology.

Tons of Range

A big basket of products with the widest range to meet requirements from various segments to cater a multitude of applications.

Value add products

Our specialized & technical products paves the path for various manufacture’s to flock to us.

Very flexible

Our infrastructure and experience assures customized service to every customer & guarantee’s delivery “in time” “all the time”.