We firmly believe that technology is not a tool, but the key- to innovation and customer satisfaction. We use the latest, most specialised, computerised machinery from the U.K and Germany to manufacture our flexible polyurethane foam. We are able to satisfy our customers’ wide spectrum of requirements by manufacturing foam of various densities ranging from a low of 9 kg/m3 (for mass-based products) up to 120 kg/ m3. (used in a variety of niche applications) Our flexible polyether polyurethane foam is produced in a Cannon Viking continuous slabstock Maxfoam machine from the U.K. The Maxfoam machine incorporates the latest in foaming technology and is completely automated with the use of ‘OMEGA’, a software specifically designed to optimize the quality of the foam production. As the flow of chemicals and machine settings are PLC controlled, we are able to produce foam of a consistent quality in a wide variety of grades from a density of 9 kg/m3 up to 75 kg/m3. Our foam re-bonding machine is used to produce re-bonded foam of uniform density distribution in densities ranging from 80 kg/m3 up to 120 kg/m3.

1) Price advantage

Maxfoam technology helps us reduce production costs and so we are able to offer better prices to our customers. Some of the ways in which our production costs are reduced are:

Heat and gas loss are reduced to a minimum since the chemical reaction takes place in a compact volume.

Without the use of any additional substrates, it is possible to produce a block with rectangular cross-section and consequently the relative scrap loss from foam block are lower than from a conventional block.

Maxfoam operates without a traversing mixing head, eliminating the need for expensive flexibles for the various components.

1) Better Quality

The quality of our Maxfoam blocks is much better than blocks produced from indigenous machines as Maxfoam blocks can be produced at lower catalyst levels and they show better density distribution and ILD values.

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