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Low Density

9 +/- 1 kg/m3
13 +/- 1 kg/m3

Medium Density

16 +/- 1 kg/m3
18 +/- 1 kg/m3

High Density

23 +/- 2 kg/m3
26 +/- 2 kg/m3
28 +/- 2 kg/m3
32 +/- 2 kg/m3

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Mattress Grade Foam

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Super Soft Foam

As the name suggests, to cater to the demand of premier furniture manufacturers, a very soft grade of foam in the density range of 23 to 40 kg/m3 is manufactured. This is made possible by the addition of special foam modifiers which also enhance the foam properties apart from imparting soft feel of the foam. Super soft foam works best in comfort applications and is highly compactable.

When the goal is to increase comfort, super soft foam performs wonderfully as backing for furniture and as extra padding atop mattresses to soften and relieve pressure. Super soft foams are used for all quilting needs, mattress overlay, top lining in sofas, pillows, office bags, baby carrier bags, jackets, gloves etc.


  • Quilting needs
  • Upholstery soft surface

Visco- Elastic Foam

Memory foam is a sophisticated product that consistently recovers its original shape following compression.

The mattress core of this type responds to heat, increasing its flexibility with increasing temperature. In this way, the foam takes the heat of the body and adapts to its shape, giving him an adequate support to the entire surface.

Developed by NASA under the brand name Canfor foam in the 1980s, it was then launched into the wider market in the 1990s, when it was known as visco-elastic foam. It is now widely recognised as memory foam, which is primarily used in mattresses and cushions.

Springfeel visco foam is on par with international standards. The visco foam has a very unique soft feel due to its special properties. For example, its recovery time is between 5 to 7 seconds. Its resilience is less than 20%. These properties make it a popular choice in the home furnishing segment. Pillows, Mattress toppers, sandwich mattresses, sofa, cushions, bolsters, chair pads etc are some of the products made with visco foam. The density of our visco foam is 40 and 65 kgs/m3.


1.Temperature Sensitivity:

They respond to pressure and temperature. It softens in reaction to your body heat. However, each product and composition has varying degrees of temperature sensitivity. The more sensitive the foam is, the more it will soften and hug’ your body and can contour to each individual’s body shape by reacting to the body temperature.

2.Response Time:

When pressure is applied to memory foam, it softens and takes the shape of the body. After the pressure is removed, it takes time for the foam to return to its original state. This response time depends on many factors such as composition, the rate of elasticity, variable viscosity, and resilience..


Durability is an important factor to consider, no matter what product you are using. In the case of memory foam, durability is directly dependent on density.


    • Mattresses
    • Sofa-sets
    • Upholstery
    • Quilting
    • Rugs

Rebonded Foam

Coir mattresses manufacturers, in addition to their existing consumption of regular polyurethane foam, started to look for cost effective alternatives with high load bearing properties. In order to meet their requirements, we started manufacturing re-bonded polyurethane foam in densities like 80, 100 and 120 (in kg/m3). This re-bonded foam offers a more durable and effective solution to the use of traditional substances such as coir sheets and provides the mattress manufacturers the choice of either replacing the entire coir core or replacing a part of the coir core depending on availability, cost and other considerations.

Apart from the mattress industry re-bonded foam also finds use in the automobile industry and auxiliary power generating equipment as an effective sound dampening and vibration filtering material. The high compressive load bearing property of re-bonded enables it to be used as an ideal, cost effective underlay in the carpet industry.

Rebonded foams are made from a combination of multiple densities of foam which are broken down and re-bonded under mechanical pressure into new blocks of consistent High Density Rebonded Material, which are then cut into desired length and width. The rebonding recycle process is carried out in the presence of special adhesives that makes it durable, strong and versatile. Rebonded foam possesses high sound and shock absorption properties. Use of a scientific foam to adhesive ratio gives our Rebonded Foam high tensile strength, % elongation and tear resistance.


        • Mattress segment
        • Noise, Vibration sound dampening segment
        • Flooring
        • Sport mats
        • Cushioning
        • Packaging
        • Carpet underlay
        • Upholstered furniture industry
        • Packaging industry
        • Acoustics and sound insulation
          Automotive industry

Auotmotive/Lamination Grade Foam

The lamination of foam to different substrates is either achieved using either adhesive lamination or flame lamination.

In adhesive foam lamination, as the name implies, adhesives are used to attach the foam to the substrate.

In flame foam lamination a flame front is used to attach the foam to the substrate. One example of flame laminated foam would be the lamination of foam to a fabric substrate in the production of headliners for automobiles.



Foam lamination alters the density, stability, and makeup of the foam product. Substrates used in this polyurethane manufacturing process can be a film, non-woven, fabric, or even another foam.

            • 1.Laminated foam can be used to customize sound barrier
            • 2.Foam to foam lamination
            • 3.Foam lamination to provide heat resistance
            • 4. Laminated foam can ensure containment of liquids and gases

Our polyether grade lamination foam is structurally tuned in such a way that the thickness loss after flame lamination is minimum and the composite will have maximum bonding strength. In order to do so, the cell structure, cell size distribution, cell orientation and the porosity of the foams is tuned properly. Also, our compressed roll is having minimum thickness loss during transportation. Our FMVSS 302 grade polyester PU Foam has a regular and fine cell structure. It has higher mechanical strength and is not effected by organic solvents and petroleum products. This Foam is a perfect medium for flame and adhesive laminations with various technical textile or leather. The Foam is easily printable – Spray, Flexo and Screen, which makes it suitable for decoration, gift wrapping/packing and display.


          • 1.Seat Covers
          • 2.Sound and Vibration Absorption wall
          • 3.Sports wear, jackets, helmet, gloves, bags
          • 4.Padding such as cricket pad
          • 5.Ortho-Care Products
          • 6.Thermal insulation and packaging
          • 7.Automotive seating, Door Panel and Headliner

Fire Retardant Grade Foam

Our special Flame Retardant foams not only slow down the fire but also get self-extinguished. These foams can be made using polyether polyol. FR foams are available to meet following specifications:

            • (1) UL 94 HF 1
            • (2) FMVSS 302
            • (3) CA 117
            • (4) BS 5852


These halogen-free products are additives that are used to make flexible polyurethane foams flame retardant. During combustion, the phosphate forms a char layer on the surface of the foam, acting as an insulator for the remaining material. They exhibit low volatility and low discoloration and are used to allow manufactures to achieve the California TB117 and automotive FMVSS302 flammability tests.


              • Building and construction, automotive and transportation,
              • Furniture & bedding
              • Acoustics applications such as wall of ballroom, cinema hall, conference hall, recording studio etc
              • Canopy for gensets & compressors
              • Automotive roof-line, sun visor, side wall and seat cover
              • Sofa-set with BS 5852 requirement

Springfeel offers various grades and densities of FR Foam to meet various FR standards like CAL – 117, UL-94, BS-5852, MVSS-302 and IS-7888 international and domestic test standards by a significant mark.

Hard Foam

These are polyether based Polyurethane foam made with an increased hardness range and are ideal for application in area where additional support and higher load bearing is required. The foam can be die-cut, milled and laminated with other fabrics. Hard foam are used widely in upper, mid and bottom part of the shoe. hard foams are also used in various automotive parts, carpet industry, saddless and riding apparel, kness pads etc. Additionally, we have observed that our 40 hard foam has good acoustic damping properties, therefore can be used for high KVA gensets and refrigeration equipment’s.


                  • Shoe
                  • Automotive Sector
                  • Saddles

>The extra hard foam range is one of Springfeel most popular foam range and provides excellent load bearing capacity while maintaining the density. The major application of this range is in the shoe and automotive industry..

A substitute for numerous PU foams, Springfeel Hard Foam is seen heavily employed as packaging material, or for comfort products like mattresses and furniture.

UV foam

Polyurethane foams which are based on aromatic isocyanates will exhibit various shades of yellowing when exposed to light i.e. to ultra violet radiation. Yellowing is a surface effect and has no significant effect on the physical properties of the foam. The degree of yellowing depends on the intensity of the radiation. Paling is natural process caused due to oxidation which is a result of combined action of oxygen and light, especially UV light.

Light protecting agents/stabilizers can be added to the foam formulation at the manufacturing stage to aid in the delay of the yellowing process.

These additives can be split into two groups:

Ultraviolet Absorbers (UVA) – these function by absorbing harmful ultra violet radiation and dissipating it as thermal energy.

Hindered Amine Light Absorbers (HALS) – these do not absorb ultra violet radiation but act as radical scavengers to inhibit degradation of the polymer. Due to the fact that HALS are regenerated rather than consumed during the stabilisation process they tend to be more capable of providing better longer-term light stability than UVA’s.

Springfeel UV foam provides has a high stability to light which is obtained by means of special additives. It is environment friendly and meets ROHS and REACH standards. The most critical aspects of UV stable foam are Hydrolysis Test and Sun Test (Colour Fading).

UV resistance is defined as the ability of a material to resist ultra violet (UV) light or sunlight. UV light, or sunlight, will cause non-resistant materials and surfaces to fade or discolour. The UV accelerated weathering tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight: in a few days or weeks, the UV tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors. The samples, placed at a distance of 20 cm from a Xenon lamp (550W, Black standard temperature 70 C for 2 hrs) which reproduces the solar spectrum, are exposed to light in a conditioned cabinet (55 ° C, 85% RH) for 24 h. The colour change of the samples in terms of Grey Scale Index of 1 to 5 is then determined.


          • Sports & Other Shoes
          • Innerwear & Lingerie
          • Clothing
          • Swim Suits

Comfort Accessories for Shoes

Footwear Grade Foam

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High Resilience Foam

Springfeel range of High resilience foam have resilience greater than 50% for good recovery and even pressure distribution, reducing pressure points for ultimate comfort. These foams contour to the body exceptionally well, and their cell structure enables extreme elasticity and optimal supporting force. These foams distribute pressure across an entire surface, so they help mattresses block the transfer of motion from one sleeper to another. The high elasticity and excellent tensile strength of HR foam helps to prolong the comfort life of a mattress — so the more high-resiliency foam, the longer you can expect a mattress to retain its level of comfort. Mattresses, Cushions and furniture containing these foams typically carry a strong warranty.


                • Mattresses
                • Sofa-sets
                • Upholstery
                • Medical wedges
                • Sports jumping pits
                • Mattress toppers

Antistatic Foam

Flexible polyurethane foam having anti-static properties finds application mainly in the field of packaging of high cost electronic components which need protection from discharge of static electricity build-up while in transit.

Our anti-static foam provides controlled, dissipation of electro-static charges emitted from other neighboring materials and personnel during handling, assembly and shipment of the product. Our anti-static foam, provide long term RELIABILITY of anti-static performance and physical product protection.

                              • 1.Static dissipative polyurethane <1011 ohms
                              • 2.Antistatic low charging – minimizing electrostatic charge generation
                              • 3.Provides protection from physical shock during handling, packaging, shipping, and storage of ESD sensitive devices
                              • 4.Ideal for short term use
                              • 5.Easy to adapt for custom uses by die-cutting, laminating, etc.
                              • 6.Non-contaminating, non-corrosive, and non-sloughing
                              • 7.Economical


                              • 1.Protective Packaging & Transportation of Electronic Goods
                              • 2.Medical beds
                              • 3.Dental chairs

Hyper Soft foam

Springfeel Hypersoft is a super soft supple foam developed for quilting applications. The improved tear strength and permeability of Hypersoft is a fusion of luxury, durability and comfort. Hypersoft is used as one of the top layers on many premium mattresses. Hypersoft is also exceptionally breathable, providing ventilation that helps you stay cooler in the summer and warmer during the cold months.

HS foam holds the shape for a longer period and due to this HS foam effectively competes with polyester fillers.