Springfeel Polyurethane Foam is committed to ecologically sensible recycling of foam and to conserve scarce resources of both materials and energy, which can be put to further use.

The Polyurethane foam rebonding machine is used for the reutilization of flexible pu foam waste. The foam waste can be rebonded into foam blocks again, using a foam chipping machine to crush the foam waste into small particles and blow the crushed particles into the mixing drum. The mixing drum consist of three units of spraying nozzles, the chemicals will equally be sprayed on the foam chips and the mixture loaded into the mold through hydraulic press to become the rebonding foam blocks. The density of the foam block can be adjusted by the hydraulic press stroke.We at Springfeel manufacture re-bonded polyurethane foam in densities like 80, 100 and 120 (in kg/m3) for various applications.